Dawson Splint (Cuspid Risers)

The centric relations diagnostic splint or Dawson Splint is a modification of the flat occlusal plane splint. This appliance has slight centric stops and an anterior ramp extending off the labial cuspid-to-cuspid region to provide incisal and cuspid guidance.  The centric relations diagnostic splint is a flat-plane, full-contact splint fabricated on either the maxillary or mandibular arch. The maxillary splint provides smooth anterior guidance that is just steep enough to allow immediate posterior disclusion.

The mandibular splint allows for full contact of the maxillary arch on the occlusal surface of the mandibular splint. The anterior region is flattened from cuspid centric stop to cuspid centric stop, which allows for the immediate lift-off onto the cuspids and a smooth transition on the incisors during crossover excursions.